high-tech expertise since 2005

Welcome to our website!
Dual Tech aims to discover & hold the values in the world of organizations and technologies.
We use these basic values: awareness, passion & balance, to work with enterprises and create new things with them.

Rised by its founder Wojciech Kaczmarek to cover freelancing needs,
through years of projects on the consulting ladders & within startup hurricanes,
discovered the hidden patterns in tech businesses & beyond them.

We got the know-how & the toolbox.

Feel free to inquire about our services if you need a help with:

  • Networking & discovery of talents
  • Caring for your organization culture
  • Strategies of developing your business or careers
  • Opening up the toolbox for your organization, including:
    CI/CD, containers, orchestration, and others
  • R&D within your IT division
  • Measuring performance of your applications
  • Safe passage through the Unix & databases galaxy
Wojciech Kaczmarek amidst 50 most creative in the business, Brief magazine ranking, 2013

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